10 Amazing Apps for Your New Android Phones


Since the new year has just started and so many of you have just unwrapped your new android phones. So, you might have downloaded some amazing application to get the best out of your phones. Now it’s time to get your phones installed by some productive apps to write, read and for fun.

We have brought a bunch of applications to you that are worth installing.

1. Pocket Casts

Although Android has its own default podcasts application still you would ignore Pocket casts that is owned by three radio producers

Pocket Casts amazing application for android phone
Image credit: Pocket Casts

2. Dark Sky

No application can surpass in predicting rain on your android phones as it updates you off all the weather conditions. It offers accurate predictions about the changing weather.

Dark Sky amazing application for android phone
Image credit: Dark Sky

3. Alto’s Odyssey

If your phone is equipped with an edge-to-edge display then Alto’s Odyssey is a must to add to your game list. It entails some dreamy graphics that look stunning on a wider display. It provides you with so much fun. It never loses your interests and keeps yourself indulged into it. The best part is its free for the Android users. Woohoo! Isn’t it amazing?

In addition to that, it blocks all the adds that pop up while playing.

Alto’s Odyssey amazing application for android phone
Image credit: Alto’s Odyssey


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