10 Amazing Apps for Your New Android Phones


4. Clue

If you forgot the date of your periods and find it difficult to track your periods then Clue application is up with a solution to all your problems. It will keep a track to your cycle and would keep you updated with the time it arrives so that you can prepare yourself for it.

The best part of it is it ensures data confidentiality.

Clue amazing application for android phone
Image credit: Clue

5. Messages

It offers you more than the default messaging application your android has been built-in with. Messages offer you the syncing of your messages to your computers so that you can respond to the other person even with your keyboard. It might not be as fascinating as the iMessage, but it is none the less. It is so much convenient.

Messages amazing application for android phone
Image credit: Messages


The VSCO is run by some amazing designers that alter their application’s interface in mystifying ways. It provides you with the best filters for your photos that one cannot get over it. It also entails some overwhelming effects for your photos prior to loading them on your Instagram

VSCO amazing application for android phone
Image credit: VSCO

7. Audio Recorder

Here is another application android isn’t built-in with. Audio recorder helps you to record your audios or voice memos for the future. It provides you with an option of voice quality. If you record it in high quality, then the file might occupy enough space. So, the medium quality would be perfectly fine for your audios or voice notes.

Audio Recorder application for android phone
Image credit: Audio Recorder


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