8 Fascinating and Fearsome Frontiers of Science You Should Know About


The Future Frontiers Survey has introduced us the 8 frontiers of modern science that are all set to revolutionize the future with their “game changer” discoveries.

Here, take a look:

1. Machine training with small data

Today, machines cannot learn without being fed large sets of training data, and despite the advancements of AI, these machines keep breaking down when introduced to new scenarios. This system is strikingly different from human intelligence, which is wired to generalize and improvise in new situations, producing excellent results even with limited information.

AI is striving to deliver a system that has the ability to learn and train with the same activeness and cognitive capability as the human brain, providing a variety of services without being fed huge amounts of training data.

Machine learning through small data
Image: Sophos News

2. Room temperature superconductivity

Superconducting materials can help us transfer electricity without losing any energy, along with making it more efficient to store up electricity without degrading our batteries over time. Basically, it works by creating mighty powerful magnetic fields that are sturdy and simply cannot weaken against the energy produced in the process.

Superconductors are the future of revolutionizing energy, and make the speed of lightning a living reality. It can allow the production of levitating trains that run at undiscovered speed limits, deserts powered with solar energy farms, computers that are superfast, and it would also make expensive healthcare technologies, like MRI, extremely cheap.

Superconductors transform our energy networks
Image: Unsplash


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