Bella Hadid and David Beckham sit front row at Dior show


The Dior show was a star-studded affair, and all eyes were on supermodel, Bella Hadid, and the former footballer and forever heartthrob, David Beckham, who made a rather formal appearance at the show.

Bella Hadid and David Beckham were seated side-by-side in the very front row of the spectacular Dior Homme show, which was held in Japan last Friday. The gorgeous supermodel and the former football sensation didn’t seem to appear very cordial and much less jollier than their last union in March.

David Beckham and Bella Hadid at Dior Show
Image Credit: Rex Features

According to the photographers, both appeared to be engrossed in watching the show as opposed to chatting with one another. They did indulge in a bit of chatting, while Bella was more interested in being her bold self, Beckham wore a bored expression and kept his eyes fixed on the ramp.

We couldn’t help but admire Bella’s ensemble, she flaunted a flirtatiously sexy black Dior dress, which she paired up with trainers and a roll neck. Beckham, on the other hand, rocked a rather formal look in a dapper black suit, paired with a crisp white shirt.

It is safe to conclude that their meeting earlier in March this year, seemed much warmer and jollier than this one. They were photographed together in Paris, laughing away at the camera and enjoying each other’s company after being introduced for the very first time.

These are perhaps Beckham’s first public attendance after his pictures kissing his daughter Harper on the lips garnered immense criticism on social media. He posted an adorable picture of a Christmas skating trip at the ice rink of the Natural History Museum. He garnered a horrid backlash for kissing his daughter on the lips, which many people have shunned as “inappropriate” and even “disgusting”.


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