Fury and Wilder’s heavyweight matchup could open the door for a $100 million ‘superfight’


Saturday night is the iconic moment when a $24 million cheque will be divided between two heavyweight champions, Tyson Fury and Deontay Wilder. Both are fighting for the title of the World Boxing Council, and the winner is all set to play with British boxing champion, Anthony Joshua to win the most prestigious heavyweight title and a share of $100 million.

Champion Deontay Wilder and British boxer Tyson Fury have been engaged in a verbal battle that is building up the tension before the fight. The showdown of December 1 has earned Wilder $14 million, while Fury is all set to take home $10 million, a reward that didn’t depend on the final outcomes of the match. This has been the greatest reward that both fighters have ever earned throughout their career.

Deontay Wilder and Tyson Fury Heavyweight Matchup
Image Credit: Victor Decolongon/Getty Images

Three years ago, Fury rocked the boxing world by landing the first ever defeat to Wladimir Klitschko, a Ukrainian fighter who hadn’t been defeated for 11 years. Fury bagged four heavyweight belts, but soon, he had to give up his titles due to inactivity, disputes amongst the governing body members, and accusations of doping. But despite his lack of titles, he is adamant to prove himself the real linear champion.

November 2017 was Fury admitting to being 400 lbs. and his struggles with depression, drug abuse and alcoholism. But he decided to channel a change in his life, and in June 2018, he cut down his weight to 275 lbs., reducing another 20lbs before his fight in August. In the past, Fury has garnered controversy over his demeaning comments about women and homosexuals, but he is now seen as an advocate for everyone suffering with mental health problems. He has proclaimed himself as the “Gypsy King”, a name that has been inspired from his travels.

Last Wednesday, the press conference held for a posing session before the fight quickly escalated into a scuffle and the fighters were quickly separated. However, Fury couldn’t be stopped from mocking Wilder for his limited fame in his own country. Wilder has included the term for a rematch in the instance e loses the belt. Nevertheless, the winner will make the decision of moving onto a fight with the next heavyweight champion, which is Anthony Joshua.

Anthony Joshua is an undisputed champion with three major titles under his belt, and unprecedented fame. 2019 is all set to witness a $100 million superfight, and the scenario of this fight will depend on the outcomes of Saturday night.


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