Man’s mugshot goes viral for his unusual large-sized neck


As social media grows, it’s very easy for someone to go viral or become an internet sensation. People are fond of posting their random videos and images that surprisingly get a massive reaction from social media users. Within a few hours, their post becomes the hot trend for a week or so. Recently, a mugshot of a man got viral because of his unusually large neck. It gained thousands of likes within a few minutes for this one weird reason.

McDowell’s Stand Out Feature makes him Viral on Social Media

Charles Dion McDowell was arrested by the authorities of Florida on 13th November for different drug charges. This included the intent to manufacturing, selling and delivering cocaine, weed, and meth. Besides this, police charged him for possessing marijuana, drug equipment, and a controlled substance without a prescription. he was also charged with fleeing and evading police with lights and sirens active.

Later on, they shared a news on social media stating that they apprehended McDowell who was previously been on the lam. The Facebook post on the official page of the Escambia County Sheriff’s Office caused a stir on the internet very quickly. As it consisted of a McDowell’s mugshot and people got amazed at the size of his neck.

Although it was a moment of pride for the police for capturing McDowell, the social media users were more interested in his standout features than to appreciate their accomplishment. According to the authorities, McDowell allegedly tried to flee from the police after they identified his less-than-legal activities.

Currently, McDowell is being a guest at the GoldStar Hotel with a bond of $57,000 USD for all the charges against him. However, people are talking more about his unusually large-sized neck than the charges against him. His mugshot post on Facebook just got more than 61k likes and more than 293k comments till date. People also shared it more than 255k times on the internet. That’s how it got viral within a few days.

People are sharing their different views in the comments related to his large neck. Some people believe its photoshopped while some of them got the opportunity to make neck-related puns. They are also sharing witty comments on his post. One person wrote that he’s in charges up to his neck. Another person wrote that his neck is still at large.

The officer who arrested him also claimed in sarcasm that this was by far the biggest collar of his career. Another person chimed in saying that people should be ashamed of creating all this “neckativity”. A person also shared semi-kind words for the guy by writing better luck “necks” time. Some people were wondering if he ever faced issues in finding clothes that fit his large-sized neck.

mans mugshot goes viral
Escambia County Sheriff’s Office / Facebook


Some people were interested to know further about the neck-man. So, a person claimed to have found a footage of McDowell after being released from the prison. In that footage, he was seen talking to the camera while being topless in a car. McDowell isn’t the only prisoner whose mugshot got viral on the internet after being posted by the police department. Another prisoner, Jeremy Meeks, also got popularity on the internet as the ‘hot mugshot guy’. His mugshot was posted on the Facebook page of the Stockton Police Department back in 2014.


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