10 Most Expensive Space Missions


There are several space expeditions made by space agencies so far. These missions aimed to unveil the hidden facts about Martian surfaces that have not been discovered yet. NASA and other space agencies have planned many expeditions in upcoming years.

Here are some most expensive space expeditions made so far.

1. Space Shuttle Program

In April 1981, NASA made their fourth human spaceflight program which was designed for the routine transportation across the earth. This expedition made its last flight on July 8, 2011. It costs $199bn in total ranking in the most expensive space expedition list.

Date: 1981-2011
Cost: $199bn

Space shuttle program Expensive Space Expeditions

2. International Space Station

This International Space Station resides in the low orbit of the earth like an artificial satellite. Its initial component was launched in 1998 while it was first accompanied by its resident in 2000. It is more spacious than a five-room apartment. It can also be seen through a naked eye. It costs an estimated amount of $160bn in total.

Date: 1998-2020
Cost: $160bn (estimated)

International Space Station Expensive Space Expeditions


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