10 Most Expensive Space Missions


3. SLS and Orion

It is an American space shuttle which is super heavy that was launched to explore the surface of Mars. It is a two-stage program that is going to make its first flight in 2020. This mission costs $23bn in total.

Date: 2014-2018
Cost: $23bn (estimated)

SLS and Orion Most Expensive Space Expeditions
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4. Apollo Space Program

Also known as Project Apollo was launched by NASA as a third Human spaceflight program. It accomplished safe landing of humans in 1969-1972. This project costs $109bn.

Date: 1961-1972
Cost: $109bn

Apollo Space Program Expensive Space Expeditions

5. Global Positioning System

It is a radio-navigation system owned by the U.N and the United Nation Air Force. It satellites in the 31st orbit of the earth. It was first launched in February 1978 and costs $12bn.

Date: 1978-present
Cost: $12bn

Global Positioning System Most Expensive Space Expeditions

6. Hubble Space telescope

The Hubble Space Telescope is a low Earth orbit that was launched in 1990. It is the largest and the most versatile among the other conventional space telescopes. It costs $10bn in total.

Date: 1990-present
Cost: $10bn

Hubble Space telescope Most Expensive Space Expeditions


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