10 Most Expensive Space Missions


7. Salyut 6

It is the first space station Program that was undertaken by the Soviet Union. It supervised total four space station and two military reconnaissance space stations.

Date: 1977-1982
Cost: $9bn

Salyut 6 Most Expensive Space Expeditions
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8. James Webb Space Telescope

This space telescope is in construction and it is going to beat Hubble Space Telescope.  This telescope costs $8.8bn total.

Date: Scheduled for 2018
Cost: $8.8bn (estimated)

James Webb Space Telescope Most Expensive Expeditions
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9. Galileo

This is a GPS-based system that costs an estimated amount of $6.3bn. It was created by the European Union.

(Europe’s GPS)
Date: 2016
Cost: $6.3bn (estimated)

Galileo Most Expensive Space Expeditions

10. Glonass

Also known as the Global Navigation Satellite System based on radio navigation. It costs $4.7bn.

(Russia’s GPS)
Date: 1982-present
Cost: $4.7bn

Glonass Most Expensive Space Expeditions
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